The Sovereignty of God Over 2020

“God has a plan.” Has anyone ever said that to you? Perhaps something didn’t work out the way you wanted, and someone told you...


How Fathers Help Roll Back the Curse

Joseph’s fatherhood is significant for us precisely because of the way the gospel anchors it to the fatherhood of God himself.

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Six Characteristics of Gospel-Shaped Love

Jesus said the most defining characteristic of his church should be its love. Your love for each other, he told his disciples, is how the world will recognize that you belong to me...


How to Be Thankful for Your Messed-Up Church

Without a habit of verbalizing gratitude, believers can easily develop a critical attitude toward the church. What can we be thankful for? A lot!

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When You Pray, It’s Okay to Plagiarize

One of the most difficult things for Christians to do is to be called on to pray publicly. It is like an exam. We often panic and think, "what if I sound dumb?" or "what if I say the wrong thing?" Well, Jesus has a solution for that.


Where Is God in the Midst of Suffering?

In the 17th century the Japanese government ruthlessly persecuted Christians. They imprisoned believers and used torture techniques such as hanging people upside down over pits filled with excrement. Some believers were crucified. The goal was...

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5 Myths About Teaching Theology to Youth

First things first: Everyone is practicing some form of theology—including our children. Whether we know it or not, our kids are theologians because God made them to be theologians. The question for Christian parents, church members, and friends is...


Give Jesus Your Worries (and Don’t Take Them Back)

In Luke 18 Jesus tells the story of two men that went into the temple to pray. One man was religiously and professionally accomplished, and a sense of self-sufficiency filled his heart as he prayed. Jesus said...


3 Things to Remember When You’re Anxious

We have a lot of words in English for anxiety: stress, preoccupation, being burdened, feeling pressured, being obsessed . . . it is a human experience that everybody knows on some level. I'd say a couple of things to someone who is experiencing anxiety. Anxiety is universal and understandable.

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3 False Teachings about Jesus

Because the incarnation is so marvelously mysterious, there were groups in the early church that sought to explain its message in ways that undermined it.