3 Reasons Why Men Don’t Go to Church

In this four-minute video, Willie Moore, Jr. (@PWillie1) comically gives three reasons men don’t go to church. It’s humorous and, for the most part, accurate. I don’t agree with everything, but he sure does provide some food for thought for us men. Enjoy, laugh, and share!

Photo of Nicholas Davis

Nicholas Davis

Nicholas Davis is lead pastor of Redemption Church (PCA) in San Diego, California. Nick has worked for White Horse Inn for several years, has written over one hundred articles for Core Christianity, and has work featured in Modern Reformation, Fathom Magazine, Mockingbird NYC, Church Leaders, Banner of Truth, and other places. Nick and his wife, Gina, have three sons. He blogs at nicholasmartindavis.com. Connect with Nicholas on Twitter @MundaneMinister.

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