4 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Church

1. What does the church believe about Scripture?

930x480_4QuestionsToAsk_1 Is the Bible infallible or not? Do the Scriptures have a central place in the worship and lives of the people?

2. What is the church’s confession of faith?

930x480_4QuestionsToAsk_2Does the church have criteria for the preaching and teaching of Scripture? The truth is that every church has a confession of faith—it’s just that some are more honest about what they believe than others. If a church has a public confession, you can at least know what kind of teaching you can expect to receive and have a way to hold your pastor accountable to what the Scriptures teach.

3. Is the church’s worship man-centered or God-centered?

930x480_4QuestionsToAsk_3 In other words, is the church’s worship about God meeting with his people, or is it based on entertainment? Can you pay for this “experience” at a local concert? If so, it’s probably man-centered.

4. Is Christ faithfully preached each week?

930x480_4QuestionsToAsk_4 This is probably the most important question that you could ever ask when looking for a church. If Jesus as crucified is not publicly proclaimed from the pulpit, then get out of there.

What’s the point of going to a church if it doesn’t do the one and only thing a church can do, which no other organization or business can? Is Jesus proclaimed as a moral hero, or is he your Redeemer and Savior?

Look for a church that preaches “Christ and him crucified” (1 Cor. 2:2).