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Finding Meaning in a World Without God

According to Scripture, we aren’t meaningless organisms in a blindly indifferent world, but persons intentionally made in the image of God.

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Three Trinitarian Controversies Every Christian Should Know

Throughout the history of the church, Trinitarian controversy has centered on how the Persons of the Trinity relate to one another. Here are three controversies...

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4 Things to Remember after You Have Sinned

Have you ever felt like God turned his back on you because of your sin? Here are four things that God does when we have...

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The Missing Piece in Our Evangelism

Could it be that we’ve missed an important step in the evangelistic process?

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3 Things That God Does to Death

What comes to your mind when you think about death?

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The End of the World Is Here

What do you do when the end of all things is at hand?

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Obeying God Out of Slavish Fear

A short time ago, I was walking with a friend who doesn’t attend church, and we passed a large Catholic parish that was in the...

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Do All Religions Just Teach Love?

I’m often asked by friends outside the church whether there’s any difference between the major world religions. After all—the thinking goes—aren’t they all communicating the...

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How We've Misunderstood "Do This in Remembrance of Me"

When Jesus was reclining with his disciples, after breaking some bread and distributing it to them he said, “This is my body, which is given...

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A Pastor's Letter to His Young Self: Why Community Isn't Enough

Gospel communities aren’t based on life stages or personal preference but on a common Savior. When this Savior brings people together who are very different...