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Should We Worship and Pray to the Holy Spirit?

The names Father and Son are familiar and ordinary however Holy Spirit conjures up something mystical, something outside of and beyond our ordinary experience.​

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How Is the Holy Spirit Different from the Father and the Son?

The persons of the Trinity are not the building blocks that combine to form God, they are each God.​

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3 Ways to Work Through Grief

How can Christians face grief? How can we fight this monster without searing our wounded hearts?​

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Teaching Youth to Use Social Media Wisely

If you want to have meaningful conversations with teenagers about how to use social media wisely, this article may help you start a discussion. ​

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You Are the Problem With the World (and so am I)

Christianity offers a compelling story with great explanatory power for the human experience. It is a story that makes sense of why humanity does amazing...

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Why Forgetting Ourselves Is Neccessary for Holiness

If you are like me you may be thinking that Jesus’ love, humility, and standard of service are impossible to live up to. If so...

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3 Ways Christ’s Resurrection Changes You

Because of who Christ is, the resurrection is an event, unlike any other in history, which has the power to fundamentally change us because it gives a...

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Why Advent Is Every Day of the Year

No matter which way we feel about Christmas, as Christians we are looking forward to the arrival of a day and a gift far more...

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Mature Christians Do These Three Things

Though it is not universally agreed upon that economic success flows down from the top, I would propose that when it comes to our study...

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Why Won't My Feelings of Emptiness Just Disappear?

The more empty and hollow we feel inside, the stronger the guards we place to keep others from finding out who we really are.