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Yes. God Cares about What You Say

Jesus taught that it is important to evaluate people based upon their words. 

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3 Ways Jesus' Death Matters for Your Life

Jesus died. This short sentence shows Christianity as unique among other religions.

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How Not to Misunderstand the Crucifixion of Jesus

From John we learn three basic ideas about how Jesus related to the world as the sinful order reflected in the social and political powers that rejected...

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Three of Jesus’ Crazy Teachings on Discipleship

At that time the disciples came to Jesus, saying, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” And calling to him a child, he...

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How Do I Know Where God Wants Me to Serve?

How can we know where God wants us to serve in the church? 

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Your Pastor Needs Your Prayers

This is why your pastor needs your prayers and encouragement...

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The One Tool that Can Really Help You Study God’s Word

Wished you had a tool that helped you read and study the Bible? Read this. 

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Memory Aids for the Faith: Worship and Community

Memory is a strange thing. Sometimes seemingly out of nowhere, I can suddenly remember things I experienced years ago. Then I realize that my memory...

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How Jesus Conquered the World and Why It Matters

Jesus redefined victory which confused everyone around him and still confuses Christians today. It reveals the character of his kingdom and why it matters for us...

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Where God Is Hiding

Advent is a season of waiting, of expecting, of hoping, of trusting.