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Why I Love God’s Immutability

I hate change. I hated it as a child, when I dressed my Shirley Temple doll in her nicest outfit and sat her on my dresser, never...

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Why Is Christianity So Closed-Minded and Exclusive?

According to the recent study, “The State of Theology” by Ligonier Ministries and Lifeway Research, 46 percent of self-identified evangelicals in America believe that “God...

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Why Is Sex Outside of Marriage So Destructive?

Timothy Keller, the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, highlights what the nature of sex is and why it belongs within the confines...

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Why Is the Bible Such a Bloody Book?

The preacher to the Hebrews put it like this: “Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins.” (Heb. 9:22) We...

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Why Is the Church So Messed Up?

What stands in our way? Sometimes it’s pride and arrogance, which are sin. More often than not, however, the issue is truth.  

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Why It Matters That Jesus Was Really Human

Amid the concern to defend that Jesus was God, we can lose sight that Jesus was human, that in Jesus God became a man.

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Why I Trust the Bible

Are there any good reasons to believe the Bible is true? Can an old book like the Bible really be trusted? There are, of course,...

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Why It’s Unfair for Good People to Go to Heaven

How we were raised and our life circumstances might have very well kept us from being the cheating spouse, the person in prison, or the...

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Why Jesus Had to Die For Us

The declaration that our sins were laid upon Christ, the sacrificial lamb and warrior king, is the most liberating news the world has ever heard. Here...

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Why Jesus Wants You to Lose Hope

Jesus Wants You to Lose Hope. Here's why.