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Core Christianity: Tough Questions Answered

Core Christianity Premiering September 3rd

by Michael Horton posted August 27, 2018

Dear Friends,

I am excited to announce the launch of a brand new radio show called Core Christianity. With me on the show is Adriel Sanchez, pastor of North Park Presbyterian Church in San Diego California.

Core Christianity is one of the most exciting projects we’ve tackled as a team. As a seminary professor and minister, I love teaching seminary students, future pastors, missionaries, and church leaders but I also like sitting on a bus talking to a single dad about Jesus Christ.

The questions I get from people inside and outside the church are the types of questions we should all be asking every single day. “Who is God?” “Why should we believe that Christianity is the only way?” “Is Jesus just a good man or is he God incarnate?” These questions are at the core of the Christian faith and the answers to these questions make life worth living. 

In Core Christianity Adriel Sanchez and I want to get the great truths of the Christian faith to you and your neighbors. We want the grand vision of a grand God to reorient your life towards love, hope, and beauty. We want to empower you to live with joy, hope, and confidence by directing you to Jesus Christ as we unpack what the Bible says about what matters most.

This is why we have built this program as a question and answer Bible program. We want to hear from you, our listeners, to empower you to know Jesus more deeply. We want to tap into those questions that aren’t getting answered in other places and to help you understand what the Christian faith is really all about. Your questions about the Bible, Christianity, and the Christian Life matter to God, which is why he has given us this opportunity to serve you. Our goal is to help you apply the truth of God’s Word and God’s grace to your everyday lives.

In this show, we come to you with the simple yet grand truth of the Bible. The Bible is the only source of our answers, answers you can trust because the Bible gives us the truth. The Bible tells us who we are, that we are created in God’s image yet as fallen sinners, rebels for no good reason against a good Father. It tells us what God has done to rescue us from our treason and rebellion and to make us his own justified and adopted children.

From the Bible, the unfolding drama and doctrines, we enter into worship, confession, praise, and thanksgiving. God doesn’t allow us to sit back as spectators or fans. He calls us on the field, joining the other players as the great cloud of witnesses, those saints who have gone before us. And now living in this story, being reoriented to the grand truth of God, we take on the character of those who are no longer enemies of God but his friends and coheirs with Christ to a kingdom that cannot be shaken. The Core truths of the Christian faith are not just for our minds, but they shape our hearts and help us to live faithfully as worshipers and witnesses of his glory.

Our desire is that you would know that our God is loving, compassionate, merciful, all-powerful, all-knowing, and able to give you what no one else could, meaning, purpose, and hope.

As you listen to the show, our hope is that you will become more confident in your faith and better able to answer the questions of others. We have taken on a big task and expect that the Lord will bless our efforts in glorifying his name. We launch on September 3rd. Will you help us reach this generation with the gospel? We need your prayers and support.

Listen to the preview of the show at the top of the page.

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Your Brother in Christ,


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Michael Horton

Michael Horton (@MichaelHorton_) is the Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics at Westminster Seminary California. The author of many books, including Core Christianity. He lives with his wife Lisa and four children in Escondido, California.

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