Our Top Resources for World Mental Health Day

Christians all over the world struggle with mental health in many ways. Like other physical illnesses, mental illnesses make life and faith a trial. Often, it is something the person will live with their whole life. As a global community, the church has the opportunity to speak hope into the dark reality of mental health struggles.

We hope these articles will be helpful for those facing mental health issues and those caring for them. You are not alone. There is hope. 


Why Anxiety Has So Much Power Over Us by Timothy W. Massaro

“While the world operates by the fear of death through vengeance and violence or according to karma, the kingdom of Christ is flourishing where God creates love, joy, hope, and peace by his Spirit (Gal. 5:22-ff.).”

4 Pieces of Advice for Stressed-Out Christians by David Murray

“Are you feeling stressed, anxious, burned out? Right now, the first thing you have to do is be honest about it—with yourself, first of all. Don’t deny it, don’t pretend it’s not there. Face up to it. ”

How Not to Be Perfect by Anna Smith

I will fail from time to time, and I know I’m going to fail, and God knows I’m going to fail, and everything will still be ok.”


8 Ways to Help Depressed Christians by David Murray

“Many of us struggle with what to do when someone we know is depressed. We want to help but fear, confusion, or misunderstanding holds us back.”

Three Books for a Depressed and Disillusioned Christian by Silverio Gonzalez

“Christians are not immune to experiencing emotional struggles. Sudden tragedy, constant struggle with ongoing sin, failure to look successful, and controversy or scandal in the church can all cause depression and disillusionment. ”

5 Ways to Help the Depressed Among Us by Silverio Gonzalez

“I am a person who has struggled with some deep depression, and I want to share five ways to help depressed people that have consistently benefited me.”

When God Leaves You In the Pit by Anna Smith

“Psalm 88:6 says, ‘You have put me in the lowest pit, in the darkest depths.’ Not only is God not lifting this person out of the pit, he put him there. This is not the kind of behavior that I want from God. I do not understand why that is ever a valid option. Why doesn’t God just get rid of pits? But then there’s this. God became man.”

9 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Depression 

This PDF resource provides you with a foundational understanding of what depression is, how the Christian faith relates to depression, and how you can help someone who suffers from depression.


Life and Death: In the Valley of the Shadow by Simonetta Carr

“We all have days we will never forget. On top of my list is the day when my nineteen-year-old son revealed a new perception of reality. ..”Mom, is this a game?” His eyes were perplexed and searching.”

Loving People with Mental Illness by Craig Marshall

“As those coming alongside, we get a front-row seat to the budding and growth of spiritual fruit. Even the fact that the person is still struggling—still coming to church and participating in the means of grace, still crying to God for help—these are all testimonies of a life filled with the “glorious might” of Christ himself.”


A Funeral Sermon for My Friend Who Committed Suicide by Michael Horton

“We find ourselves filled with a variety of emotions: pity, sorrow, rage, puzzlement, resentment and despair, and we wonder how things could possibly have ended this way. We wonder how someone who believed and preached the sufficiency of God’s Word and his grace in the face of all trials of life could leave us this afternoon wondering, “If it was not sufficient for him, is it indeed sufficient for me?” What happens when Christianity doesn’t work?”

Is Suicide the Unforgivable Sin? by Nicholas Davis

“Although it is true that a person who has committed suicide cannot repent of the sin (unless they repented ahead of time for what they were about to do), it is not true that the Bible teaches suicide is an unforgivable sin. The Bible never teaches this.”

Mental Illness and Church

4 Ways We Can Make Church a Safe Place for People With Mental Illness by Chris Cipollone 

“God willing, our churches are flourishing communities that are filled with people of all kinds. But for those of us struggling with depression and anxiety, this can be far from easy. What if I panic in front of others? What if I cry? What if nobody talks to me? What if too many people talk to me? ”

When Depression Makes Church so Hard by Alison Mitchell

“This is what depression can do to a Christian. Having struggled with severe depressive illness for over twelve years, I can tell you that I never (never!) want to go to church on a Sunday morning. It is an exhausting battle every single time, and I don’t always make it.”

Mental Illness and Faith

5 Ways God Meets Us When Our Faith Is Weak by Timothy W. Massaro

“When life is hard and trials seem to flood over us, we can easily feel like we are useless— maybe even worse than useless. Temptation loves to strike us in these moments, doesn’t it?”

How to Fight Fear in the Face of Uncertainty by Leah Baugh

“How do we face these uncertainties without being overcome with anxiety? Here are five things to remember and meditate on when uncertainty threatens to overwhelm you.”

How to Pray When You Don’t Feel Like It by Silverio Gonzalez

“No amount of self-talk will help you pray when you don’t feel like it unless that self-talk is true. To pray, the most important thing you can do is remember who God is, what he has done, and what he promises to do. ”

Is God Punishing Me for My Sin? by Andrew Menkis

“If you are a Christian, then God never punishes you. How can you be sure? Christ has already been punished for your sins. ”

Why God Lets Us Suffer by Nicholas Davis

“Faith in Jesus Christ allows us to look beyond our present pain to purposes and plans that are far greater than what we can see, experience, or imagine. By trusting in God’s sovereign good will toward us, we can accept all the crooked things that happen in our lives until God decides to make them straight again.”

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