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Why Sunday Should Be a Day of Rest

The fourth commandment teaches us to set aside one day out of seven to rest from our work and to worship God: Remember the...

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Is Jesus God?

Many people are willing to accept that Jesus existed and that he was a great moral teacher. But was Jesus God?

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What is a healthy and comprehensive view of worship? How should we understand worship? Why is it so central to Christian formation?

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Do Christians Pick and Choose What They Want to Believe in the Bible?

To those on the outside, it seems Christians just pick and choose what they want to believe and apply to themselves. Is this true? 

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What Job Teaches Us About Suffering

The book of Job  is one place we can turn to see what God has to say about dealing with painful loss and hardship.

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5 Overlooked Gifts of the Spirit

When it comes to the gifts of the Holy Spirit, it is easy for Christians to think of some kind of special power to walk...

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God: The Best Scriptwriter Ever

Have you ever watched a play or movie and struggled to understand the plot? Without knowing the plot, it’s hard to make sense of the...

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You Are What You Watch

What does watching TV have to do with worship?

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How Not to Be a Heretic

Many people attend churches with dynamic ministers who deliver inspiring sermons. While these messages are uplifting, they don't always convey the truths of Christianity. Every...