The 3 Top Episodes of Core Christianity (So Far)

It's been a month since the launch of our new radio show Core Christianity! We are excited to share our top 3 episodes so far. Thanks to the many people who have listened to the show, Core Christianity has had 45,000 downloads and is rated 5 stars on iTunes! 

These three episodes are a great place to start listening to the show, or, if you've been following us already, revisit some of our best content! Here are the top three episodes of Core Christianity.

Episode 1 | How Should I Share My Faith with My Atheist Friends?

"What the world needs to see is not us at our best but what happens when we are at our worst. For people to see us kneeling, asking God for forgiveness, asking those we have wronged (including our own spouses) for forgiveness, in front of our children …"-Michael Horton

Episode 5 | Why Don't Churches Talk More About Angels and Demons?

"We are born into the world turned in on ourselves so that we can’t look up to God in faith and out to our neighbors in love. But the gospel changes this. It draws us out of ourselves to look up to God in faith and out to our neighbors in love. It’s safe to come out now." -Michael Horton 

Episode 6 | Will God Ever Give Us More Than We Can Handle?

"There’s no promise that God will take away all of our trials and suffering in life. The promise we have is even though we go through the valley of the shadow of death, He is with us. " -Michael Horton

You can subscribe to the show on iTunes or check our list to see if the show is airing on a radio station near you. 

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