Core Christianity

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Three Trinitarian Controversies Every Christian Should Know

Throughout the history of the church, Trinitarian controversy has centered on how the Persons of the Trinity relate to one another. Here are three controversies...

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3 False Teachings about Jesus

Because the incarnation is so marvelously mysterious, there were groups in the early church that sought to explain its message in ways that undermined it. ...

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4 Things to Remember after You Have Sinned

Have you ever felt like God turned his back on you because of your sin? Here are four things that God does when we have...

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America's Religious Climate and Christianity's Exclusivity

Religious pluralism… is the belief that differences between religions are not a matter of truth and falsehood, but of different perceptions of the one truth....

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What is the Missing Piece of Evangelism?

Could it be that we’ve missed an important step in the evangelistic process?

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3 Things That God Does to Death

What comes to your mind when you think about death?

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How to Live in Light of the End of the World

What do you do when the end of all things is at hand?

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Why You Should Stop Trying to Numb Your Pain

As a pastor, part of what I do is deal with wounds, the deep spiritual wounds we all have.

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Obeying God Out of Slavish Fear

A short time ago, I was walking with a friend who doesn’t attend church, and we passed a large Catholic parish that was in the...

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Kids Say the Darndest Things (Theology Edition)

I have three children, ages 5, 3, and 9 months. I’m amazed by some of the questions about God that I get. Here’s a sampling...