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Why Advent Is Every Day of the Year

No matter which way we feel about Christmas, as Christians we are looking forward to the arrival of a day and a gift far more...

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Trickle-Down Theology

Though it is not universally agreed upon that economic success flows down from the top, I would propose that when it comes to our study...

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Why Won't My Feelings of Emptiness Just Disappear?

The more empty and hollow we feel inside, the stronger the guards we place to keep others from finding out who we really are.

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Is God Punishing Me for My Sin?

“Did I give my grandmother cancer?” One of my students asked this as tears began to well up in her eyes.

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God's Eternal Plan For You

As we read the pages of the Bible we discover a plan that is far greater and more inspiring than any other. God has big...

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Good Doctrine Isn’t the Only Answer to Racism

Just because your doctrine is right, good, and true does not mean it is healthy.

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Is God a Genocidal Maniac?

“I can’t worship a God who would command his people to go kill all the men, women, and children of another nation.” This is one...

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Why Faith in God Is Not Stupid

How do we know God exists? How can we know anything? Is faith in God stupid?

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3 Reasons to Study the Trinity

The Trinity is hard to understand and even harder to explain to others, so we tend to spend little time thinking or talking about it....

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How is God Glorified in the Texas Church Shooting?

I checked the news and saw that another mass shooting had occurred. 26 dead at a church in Texas. One question burned in my heart…...