If God Already Knows Everything We Need, Why Pray?

If we believe that God is sovereign, all-knowing, all-powerful and that he is a good Father who knows all our needs, then why bother to pray?​

Jesus Christ

Psalm 22 Is All About the Cross

About one thousand years before it happened, King David vividly prophesied in detail in Psalm 22 about this defining moment in history​

Church History

Why Study Church History?

What's the point of studying church history? 

Jesus Christ

Seeing Christ in the Book of Ruth

The book of Ruth tells some important things about Jesus. 


What Is Original Sin?

The truth is that we are more sinful than we realize.


Understanding the Sovereignty of God

The truth that God is indeed sovereign should be of immense comfort and a source of strength for us.​

Why Study Theology?

Do all Christians need to study theology?