Who Will We Know in Heaven?

If the new creation will be a physical place populated by the people of God in physical bodies, then an obvious question follows: “Who will we know in heaven?”


Why Is the Church So Messed Up?

What stands in our way? Sometimes it’s pride and arrogance, which are sin. More often than not, however, the issue is truth.  


You Won’t Be Perfect in this Life

Each one of us continues not just to fight against remaining sin, but to be marked by those battles we have fought and lost against sin. Since that’s the reality in which each of us lives, why do we pretend it is otherwise?


Are You on the Foolish, Shameful Path to Victory?

As a pastor, I often find myself in my office, in a living room, or across a café table trying to help people make sense of the mess they have made of their lives. 


Glory Through Shame and Victory Through Weakness

God’s strange power is on display when he works through weakness. The well-worn path of discipleship always comes with a limp.