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4 Truths About Christian Giving

Christian virtues, of which generosity is one, are disciplines that Christ commends, commands, and models as life qualities that should mark out all his disciples......

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Christian, You Don't Need to Be Afraid of Weakness

Is this the way we characterize our Christian life? 

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What Is True Unity?

Christian unity seems like an impossible task in today's divided world. Divisions and disagreements abound and moments of unity and peace are rare. In this short...

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J.I. Packer: What Is the Lord's Supper?

What actually happens when we take the Lord's Supper? What is it and why do we practice it? In this short video, J. I. Packer...

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J. I. Packer: Who Is the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is often neglected because people don’t tend to think of him as a distinct person of the Trinity.

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One of the Most Urgent Needs in the Church Today

While many Christians are actively involved in devotional Bible study, we ought to lament the lack of formal catechetical study, without which many well-intentioned minds and hearts...

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Ask J. I. Packer: What is Your Hope for the Church?

I see evangelical strength in America needing desperately to be undergirded by Reformation convictions,

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An Interview with J.I. Packer: Should Every Christian Study Theology?

Theology simply means the study of God. This is something that every Christian needs to realize.