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6 Misconceptions About the New Testament

A lot of misconceptions about the New Testament often cause people to distrust the Bible. Are any of them true?   

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Why Panic Is the Devil's Friend

In a world that is often as stormy, irrational, and terrifying as the storm on the sea that threatened the disciples, don’t we long to...

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5 Things That Will Help You with Personal Devotions

As I’ve thought, experimented, asked, and read about this topic, several realizations helped personal devotions stop seeming overwhelming and made them more enjoyable and consistent....

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The Devil, Demons, and You

"Never forget…that the Devil’s cleverest ploy is to persuade you that he doesn’t exist." – Charles Baudelaire

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What is Real Repentance?

“Repent and believe” has been the cry of preachers ever since the time of Jesus. However, repentance can seem mysterious and sometimes contradictory to the...

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Why Church Isn’t Comfortable (and Shouldn’t Be)

Does your church make you feel uncomfortable? Of course, who wants that? There’s definitely a part of me that wants church to be comfortable, not...

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The Sin No One Wants to Talk About

There is a sin that is often overlooked, ignored, or unseen.

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What is Preaching?

Two points in particular changed the way I thought about preaching: the activity of God’s Word and the purpose of preaching.

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Why Christmas Is For the Lonely and Grieving

Maybe you look ahead to Christmas and you see a day filled with coldness, loneliness, grief, or family feuding rather than one filled with warmth...

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Why Sharing Your Faith Is So Hard

I always feel weak and inept at explaining my faith to people. If only I had the power to change people’s hearts with a word. Why...