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How We Can Know God Wants to Be With Us

God loves us and desires to be with us so much that he came down and became one of us.

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James K. A. Smith: Why Community Matters More Than We Think

Why is the Christian community important? How does the formation of a Christian community relate to individual Christians?

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5 Practical Ways Churches Can Care for Women

A local church-planter recently asked me about how his church can better care for women. As I've reflected on this question since that conversation, several...

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Why Our Preaching Isn't Effective

What makes ministry and preaching ineffective in our day? Here are some challenges we face.

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R. C. Sproul: "How Can I Know I Am Saved?"

We're capable of serious and radical falls from grace, but never total and final falls because we're being preserved by our Savior.

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Praise God! Pastor Brunson Set Free

American Pastor's release from Turkey is a time for praise but also continued prayer and to remember some essential truths. 

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Tim Keller: Our Culture Was Built to Escape Christianity

We need to be aware of what American culture has become in order to share the gospel effectively. ‚Äč

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Why the Devil Loves American Individualism

The devil loves this. He loves to see people isolated from one another because someone alone is always weaker than people together. This is especially...

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What is Real Repentance?

“Repent and believe” has been the cry of preachers ever since the time of Jesus. However, repentance can seem mysterious and sometimes contradictory to the...

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Why Jesus Had to Die For Us

The declaration that our sins were laid upon Christ, the sacrificial lamb and warrior king, is the most liberating news the world has ever heard. Here...