Core Christianity

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The Sin No One Wants to Talk About

There is a sin that is often overlooked, ignored, or unseen.

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Why Sharing Your Faith Is So Hard

I always feel weak and inept at explaining my faith to people. If only I had the power to change people’s hearts with a word. Why...

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What God Sees When He Looks at His Church

The Bible is full of descriptions and metaphors of how God sees the church.

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How Women Helped Bring Us the Reformation

Women played an important role in the Reformation.

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What is Most Valuable to You?

Can you imagine finding something so valuable that you would give up everything just to have that one thing? 

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Are Good Works Sneaking into Your Understanding of Grace?

Do you tend to skip over God’s free grace and salvation and go straight to all the commands to be holy?

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How God Spoils His Children

God's overflowing grace and love for his people causes him to shower his children with good gifts.

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Why the Beatitudes Are Not Commands

Should we go out and look for persecution? Should we purposefully mourn? 

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3 Ways Christ Loved His Enemies

Christ came to be a servant for the sake of his enemies.

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5 Things I Love About My Pastor's Preaching

How a pastor preaches is important. What a pastor preaches is essential.