10 Things You Should Know about the Church after COVID-19

Last Sunday, our church regathered for the first time in months. We wore masks, we social-distanced, we didn’t touch the door handles, and we sat next to open windows. We only sang one hymn—at the very end of the service—to minimize the possibility of airborne transmission.


There Are No Unimportant Parts of the Church

Every few months, my church gathers in the fellowship hall for a slightly different purpose...


Help! My Kids Don’t Like Going to Church

For families with kids, Sunday mornings can be a theater for spiritual drama. Whether you have toddlers who scream that their church shoes pinch, or teenagers who slouch out the door fifteen minutes late, it’s not easy to get to church.


3 Ways God Loves the Church (and You Should Too)

Jim came to our church from prison. Over the decades, his life had taken many turns, but none of them had passed through the door of a gospel-preaching church.


4 Ways Paul Encourages Us to Love the Church (Even When It’s Hard)

Around the corner from where I live, a house is for sale. In bold green letters, the lawn sign reads: “I’m Gorgeous Inside!”