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How the Church Gets Justice Wrong (and How to Begin Getting It Right)

Where Scripture speaks, the church speaks. Where it presses God's claims of justice on behalf of our neighbors, we must hear and obey. Yet the...

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A Funeral Sermon for My Friend Who Committed Suicide

One of the hardest sermons a pastor will ever preach is after someone chooses to end their own life. What hope do they have? What...

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Why Should I Believe that Jesus Rose from the Dead?

Something has happened in history and we cannot wish it away.

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How to Talk to Atheists and Skeptics about Jesus

Chances are, at least one of your friends or family members doesn’t believe that Jesus was raised from the dead. Here's how to communicate the...

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“Am I My Brother’s Keeper?”: Christians and Social Justice

Social justice is not a conversation that anyone can opt out of: every day we are engaged in secular rituals that either support or threaten...

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Did Martin Luther Invent "Justification" 500 Years Ago?

The doctrine of justification doesn’t rest simply on a verb here or there.

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Coming Soon: The Core Christianity Radio Program with Dr. Michael Horton

We are excited to announce Core Christianity, a new radio program featuring Dr. Michael Horton. We will focus on the core, historic teachings of Christian faith and...

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Lord, When Will You Restore the Kingdom?

“Lord, will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?”

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Why We Need to Rethink "In Essentials, Unity; In Nonessentials, Liberty"

It’s true that not everything in the Bible is of equal weight. But I am worried that we have drawn too stark a line between...

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What Happens When Christianity Doesn't Work

So often, when people come to Christ, they are promised "victory in Jesus," but what happens when Christianity doesn’t work?