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I've Repented So Why Do My Past Sins Keep Haunting Me?

He declared to her, "your sins are forgiven in Christ's name." And she says, “but what about the abortion that I had?” And he said,...

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How Can I Love Someone Who Has Hurt Me?

Martin Luther King Jr. had some powerful things to say about loving our enemies. 

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5 Simple Steps For Reading the Bible

Reading your Bible doesn't have to be hard. Follow these five principles for reading and understanding your Bible. 

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Does the Bible Teach That You Can Lose Your Salvation?

Michael Horton and Adriel Sanchez tackle two difficult passages about whether someone can lose their salvation. 

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Were the Nephilim Aliens?

Where the Nephilim angels or aliens or something else? 

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How Celebrity Christianity Has Hurt the Church

"We are fascinated with “celebrity” and I think that has crept into the church to a significant degree.‚Äč"

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Is It Ok For a Christian to Be Cremated?

What should Christians think about cremation? Can Christians be cremated after they die? 

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How to Understand the End-Times Prophecies in Daniel

What do the 70 weeks in Daniel 9 refer to? How should we understand this passage and others like it? 

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What Ecclesiastes Is About In Two Minutes

God knows life sometimes doesn't make sense. 

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The Holy Calling To Be a Suffering Witness

Dr. Horton gave this message from 2 Timothy 1:9-18 titled, "Saved Us to a Holy Calling" at The Gospel Coalition's 2018 West Coast Conference in...