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Is Suicide the Unforgivable Sin?

Is there any hope for the family or friends of a believer who has committed suicide? Does the Bible teach that suicide is the unforgivable...

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The Kind of Faith That Will Survive a Post-Christian Culture

If Christianity is going to survive in a post-Christian environment, then Western Christianity needs to radically change and return to its roots.

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3 Reasons Why Every Christian Needs the Church

When you become a disciple of Jesus, you are not the only disciple in this world. There are others whom Jesus has also called, and we all...

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5 Ways Your Work Can Be a Blessing

We often forget that God’s command to perform work was given before Adam’s fall and exile from Eden, not after! 

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Don't Just Go to Work for a Paycheck

Too often we go to work just for a paycheck and fail to see what God is doing through us.

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4 Misconceptions About the Bible

“You can’t trust the Bible because it has been translated too many times" and other misconceptions. 

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After the Noblesville and Santa Fe Shootings: How Christianity Helps Us Deal With Evil and Suffering

When a school shooting happens, a lot of people don’t know where to turn. A lot of people don’t know what to say or what to...

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What Happened at Pentecost and Why It Matters Now

What is "Pentecost" and why does it matter to us today?

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10 Reasons Why You Should Trust the Bible

In our age of skepticism and doubt, why should anyone trust the Bible to be God's Word?

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Why the Old Testament Sacrifices Couldn't Actually Take Away Sin

Making atonement through blood is not arbitrary in the Bible. God is not some crazy, bloodthirsty deity. Why is there so much talk about blood...