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How to Make Time for Family Worship in a Crazy, Busy World

Here are a few of the ways you can include family worship throughout your day—no matter how busy and chaotic your life might be right...

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10 Books Every Woman in the Church Should Read

Here are ten of the best books I’ve read by women in the church that I think every woman (and man, for that matter) in...

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5 Ways People Preach a Different Gospel

How might we see the gospel distorted today? What are some of the ways the gospel is presented so differently that it becomes another—entirely different—gospel?...

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This is What Makes the Church Different From the World

Without this teaching, the church is unable to be the church.

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How Much Do You Know About the Reformation?

On October 31, 1517, a man named Martin Luther posted 95 points, contesting what he saw clearly in the Bible with what the Church was...

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3 Ways We Sin Just Like Characters in the Bible

There are three standard reactions we have when we’re rebuked by someone else.

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After Las Vegas: How Christianity Helps Us Deal With Evil and Suffering

When a mass shooting in Las Vegas happens, a lot of people don’t know where to turn. A lot of people don’t know what to...

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You Need to Know the Difference Between Do This and Done

Give up the tireless and futile effort of trying to justify yourself before God. Drop out of the rat race. When you are busy trying...

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11 Classics Every Christian Should Read

Of course, nothing is more classic than the Bible. Aside from the Holy Bible, however, there are certain books that all Christians who have access...

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4 Books That Made a Priest Leave the Church

Here are four books that made Martin Luther question everything.