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How to Know What Happens After You Die

The Christian's confidence and knowledge of the afterlife depend not upon the ability to gaze into the future, like some palm reader, but on looking back at...

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Your God Is Too Big

The world won’t ever celebrate the greatness of this message because the message is not big, but small.

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4 Prophecies about Jesus' Coming

These prophecies show us that God is truly faithful to every one of his promises.‚Äč

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5 Ways to Grow in Prayer

Prayer is essential to living the Christian life in a God-glorifying and joy-filled manner. Here are five ways to help you become more faithful in...

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10 Things We Learn from the Ten Commandments

In the Ten Commandments, we learn from God what true spirituality actually is. 

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The 3 Most Important Words for the Christian Life

There are three important words for the Christian life that you need to know.

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Reading the Bible and Praying More Won't Break Your Porn Addiction

Most people who hear about young Christian men or women who are trying to stop watching porn will give the following advice: “Just read the...

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How to Build Community in a Commuter Church Culture

If you commute more than twenty-five minutes to church each Sunday, you are living in a commuter church culture.

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The Psalms Are All about Jesus: Psalm 2

At times it can be hard to believe that Jesus sits on the throne. This is because we live in a very uncertain world. 

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The Jesus Christ That Nobody Wanted

Christianity, as set forth in John’s Gospel, is not about climbing up a ladder to God. It’s about God’s descent to us from the manger...