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How to Care for Someone Battling Anxiety and Depression

Paul Tripp and David Powlison discuss how to help someone with anxiety and depression. 

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Are you hiding any secrets? Maybe you’re a Christian in deep debt, but you know what the Bible has to say about money, so you want...

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The Surprising Way God Helps Us With Our Daily Struggles

Whereas every physically blind person knows that he is blind, spiritually blind people are blind to their blindness; they actually think that they see, when...

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The Biggest Thing Christian Parents Forget

One of the biggest errors Christian parents make is to forget. Not forgetting the baby's diaper bag. Not forgetting to pack the school lunch. Not...

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The Idol of Success

I listened as the father said to me in the presence of his teenage son, “Do you know what it’s like to go to church...

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Walk A Life Unnoticed

We don't know much about the man Enoch. Despite his unremarkable life, Enoch is the second character enshrined in the famous "Hall of Faith" - Hebrews...

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The One Thing That Makes Parenting Tough Today

Every culture and generation could say, "Parenting is particularly hard because . . ." But I think there is one thing that is particularly unique...

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How Is the Love of Money a Root of Evil?

The love of money is not a little thing; it really is a portal to all kinds of evil. 

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6 Truths About Parenting That Reorient Everything

Understanding our children's deepest need allows us to become better parents and lead them to the Lord. Knowing these six truths about your kids will...

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What Genesis 1:1 Teaches Us About Our Sexuality

So I want to take time to unpack five implications of those four words in Genesis 1:1 and apply them to the world of sex....