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10 Predictive Prophecies Fulfilled in Jesus

Jesus was prophesied about long before he came. Here are ten prophecies that Jesus fulfilled. 

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The Old Testament Is Embarrassing

The Old Testament is filled with embarrassing details about the authors and their people, but this is one reason why we can trust the Bible...

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10 Challenging Truths about Sex and the Bible

The Bible defies many of the assumptions of modern culture about sex, love, and marriage. Sadly, the church has even absorbed some beliefs from culture...

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3 Ways the Resurrection of Jesus Can Transform Your Life Today

Some of the greatest skeptics have been convinced by the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. These include literary geniuses (C.S. Lewis), lawyers (Simon Greenleaf),...

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4 Misconceptions about Resurrection...and the Truth

What is resurrection? What will our bodies be like? 

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How Do We Help Kids Who Have Left the Faith?

Perhaps the toughest question parents ask me is how they can help their wayward kids. The difficulty of this question stems not solely from the...