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Taking God's Name in Vain Is So Much More Than Cursing

You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, for the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes his name...

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The Limitations of Forgiveness

Lots of people treat forgiveness as only a form of therapy. It’s a way of moving on. It’s a form of personal healing. This is...

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Two Mistakes We Make When We Don't Feel Thankful

Christian obedience results from a thankful heart, but there is a wrong way to think of thankfulness.

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If You're Bored With God, It's Probably an Idol

It’s easy to tell the difference between the true God, the God the Bible gives us, and an idol. An idol will always agree with...

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Coming to Terms With Our Inadequacy

If everyone’s life has meaning, why does life often feel chaotic, fast-paced, and empty? When these feelings come, you and I can begin to ask:...

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How Christianity Is Different From All Other Religions

The world’s religions have certain traits in common, but until the gospel of Jesus Christ burst upon the Mediterranean world, no one in the history...

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3 Ways to Live "In the World" But Not Be "Of It"

The Holy Spirit was not sent at Pentecost to lead us away from this world but to send us out into it. Like the early church,...

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What to Do When You're Spiritually Bleeding Out

Feel like you're spiritually bleeding out? It is time for a pulse check.

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Why the Book of Acts Matters for Your Life

Rather than being irrelevant facts, biblical history instructs our faith and informs our lives. Here's how. 

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When God Overcame the World

Jesus’ victory reveals the real enemies of humanity and the nature of his heavenly kingdom.