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God Doesn't Need Talented People

The apostle Paul, being quite familiar with the church’s craving for powerful personalities, often spoke differently. God doesn't need talented people.

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Family Devotions Made Simple

In theory family devotions sound easy, but I have always had a hard time doing daily family devotions. How can we simplify it and become...

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What Jesus Actually Meant When He Said: "My Kingdom Is Not of This World"

Jesus' kingdom brought about his death and a confrontation with the religious and political powers of his day. Why was that? What did Jesus mean when he...

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Exposing Spiritual Abuse and Shady Religion

Jesus opposed preachers who used their platform to abuse the weak and shame the outcast. And he did all of this through the strangest means.

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The Sin That Hides Behind Piety

Our sin can be so deceptive that we even use piety to hide our pride and orthodoxy to push God and others away.

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How to Pray When You Don't Feel Like It

No amount of self-talk will help you pray when you don’t feel like it unless that self-talk is true.

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How to Live in the World, for the Sake of the World

At my church every worship service ends with a blessing as the minister sends us back into the world.

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Not the Sort of Religion I Would Invent

Christians have always been tempted to try to make Christianity more appealing.

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How God Calls Failures Like Us to Be a Blessing

The call to be a blessing connects Christian love and the Christian mission to our ordinary, everyday situation. God calls you to go and be...

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How Jesus Conquered the World and Why It Matters

Jesus redefined victory which confused everyone around him and still confuses Christians today. It reveals the character of his kingdom and why it matters for us...