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How Jesus Conquered the World and Why It Matters

Jesus redefined victory which confused everyone around him and still confuses Christians today. It reveals the character of his kingdom and why it matters for us...

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Why Your Morality Will Never Be Enough for God

What does rule-keeping have to do with Christianity? What does this have to do with the gospel?

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The Most Compelling Message About Christianity

Our new identity reorients and resituates us, makes us to live like Christ. It shapes our whole disposition.

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7 Things I Love about Liturgical Protestant Worship

Sometimes the idea of “formal worship” scares people. 

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How an Infinite God Speaks to Finite Creatures

Recently I observed adult men and women hunched over a baby's bassinet trying to get a smile out of an infant by making strange noises...

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How God Calls Failures Like Us to Be a Blessing

The call to be a blessing connects Christian love and the Christian mission to our ordinary, everyday situation. God calls you to go and be...

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How to Make Your Church Uncomfortable

Comfortable churches are all too common. Comfortable Christianity is a great way to kill the gospel and snuff out the church's mission. Christianity is supposed...

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How to Pray When You Don't Feel Like It

No amount of self-talk will help you pray when you don’t feel like it unless that self-talk is true.

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7 Books That Will Give You Unparalleled Confidence in the Bible

What does it mean to say that the Bible is inspired and authoritative? 

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Three Books for a Depressed and Disillusioned Christian

Christians are not immune to experiencing emotional struggles.