If Your Christianity Is Just a Moral Religion Based on a Myth, It’s Worthless

My Facebook and Twitter feeds are blowing up with Christians who are decolonizing, deconstructing, rethinking, and reforming their Christianity because of the abuses they have experienced from Christians and in churches. I understand...


God Accomplishes What He Promises

These have been weary days. Seeing the unemployment rate rise, protests over the killing of George Floyd, and all the instabilities of this year has me worrying about the future. Friends and family...

Spiritual Growth

What is True, Saving Faith?

How do you know if you are really a Christian? How do you know if your faith is true? The answer is not “get busier for Jesus.” The answer is found in the...


What I Have Learned from Going to Church Online

At the beginning of the pandemic, lots of pastors were worrying about the future of the church as congregations began contemplating live stream strategies, online Bible studies, and virtual communion.

Spiritual Warfare

Why You Need Deliverance

Years ago, I attended a church that was made up of people and practices from Fundamentalism, Pentecostalism, and third-wave charismaticism. The people I met there were very committed to their understanding of the Bible, willing to be foolish for Christ. Demons, the devil, and sin were real enemies, and they believed that people needed deliverance.


How the Gospel Rescues You from Doubt

Behind the smiling faces at church, the bombastic claims shouted from pulpits, and the religious zeal for a political ideology masked as “the Christian worldview,” lurks doubt.


Why the Book of Exodus Matters For Your Life

Exodus reveals the God who saves his people.


If You’re Bored With God, It’s Probably an Idol

It’s easy to tell the difference between the true God, the God the Bible gives us, and an idol. An idol will always agree with you and ultimately bore you. Here's how to find the living God.  


Christ Our Hope in Life and Death: An Interview with Keith and Kristyn Getty

This song is a declaration that Christ’s resurrection guarantees our hope every moment of every day, even as we face death. The message is that no matter what a believer is going through, no matter how dire the circumstances may seem, the reality of the resurrection transforms every aspect of our lives.

Jesus Christ

How Jesus Encouraged His Uncertain Disciples

One of the beautiful things about Jesus is that he always tells the truth.