9 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Depression

This resource provides you with a foundational understanding of what depression is, how the Christian faith relates to depression, and how you can help someone...

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Our Top 10 Articles of 2019

These are our most popular articles of 2019. Enjoy! 

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the team at Core Christianity!

Core Christianity 101

Download our Core Christianity 101 Student's Edition for free! 

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A Thanksgiving Meditation

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you are able to enjoy the holiday and give thanks to God for all that he has done and continues to...

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11 Bible Verses that Show Jesus Is King

Where in the Bible does it teach Jesus is king? 

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What Does the Bible Say About Love?

What does the Bible say about love? 

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Our Top Ten Articles From 2018

Core Christianity's top content from 2018! 

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How to Counsel People Like Jesus

We need to emphasize not the word doctrine but the word grace. We need to present the graciousness of the truth of the gospel.‚Äč

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How to Prevent the Abuse of Authority in the Church

How do Christian leaders exercise power and authority without abusing it and turning it into something harmful or predatory?