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5 Things to Remember When Your Faith Is Weak

When life is hard and trials seem to flood over us, we can easily feel like we are useless— maybe even worse than useless. Temptation loves...

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5 Important Points about the Resurrection of Jesus

If Jesus was not resurrected from the dead, the Christian religion is a worthless enterprise.

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11 Short Meditations For Good Friday

Every year Christians celebrate this time known as Good Friday. Many of us come together in churches to meditate on the death of a man...

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Loving What Kills: Our Love Affair with Drugs

According to a recent study, the mortality rate of working-class white people has risen in the West. There have not been similar results with other people...

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Stop Making Christ Only Half a Savior

The Bible rescues us from our small conceptions of Christ and rescues us from a small gospel. The salvation we have in Christ is far greater than...

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3 Reasons Every Christian Needs to Use the Creeds

Our hesitation concerning creeds is understandable, especially when they are disconnected from our worship and love of God. People often see them as cold, mindless...

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Do We Have to Forgive Someone If They Don't Repent?

Forgiveness is hard enough as it is, let alone when the other person fails to repent. Sometimes, though, a wrong definition of forgiveness makes it...

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Why Can't We Make Images of God?

Commands like this one in Exodus 20 sound strange. What a harsh thing for God to say. If God is invisible, why not have pictures,...

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The Powerful Testimony of a Former Gymnast Who Shared the Gospel with Her Abuser

This all-too-common story of sexual abuse struck me for several reasons. The remarkable damage and evil should never be underestimated or shirked as it is too...