Core Christianity

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God Needs Nothing. That's Why He Can Love You

A God who is great but not good is an all-powerful monster. A God who is good but not great cannot save us. 

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How Your Faith Can Withstand Intellectual Assault

Living in a secular age means living with our faith being contested. Our faith feels intellectually vulnerable. Here is a list of resources to get...

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Why Your Happiness Does Not Have a Price Tag

Our idols don’t look like the gods of the Parthenon or stand on the corners of the street. Yet, they stare at us as we...

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How Christ Conquers the Idols in Our Lives

We create an idol whenever we look to something or someone to give us ultimate satisfaction, happiness, or joy. God alone is the supreme fulfillment...

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How to Fight Off the Devil's Desperate Attacks

Even though we face horrible enemies, we can be strong and courageous in the Lord. We can fight. We can stand against the temptation to sin...

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The Church Is More Than People

We often hear this idea that the church is not a building. It's people. But this isn't the complete picture.

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When Your Christian Liberty Becomes a Sin

How can we know if we've crossed "the line"? Can drinking alcohol or eating meat become wrong before God?

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11 False Assumptions about Christianity

People believe all kinds of things about Christianity, a lot of which is false, which allows them to easily dismiss it. What false assumptions have...

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Gods Compassion Is for Broken Prodigals Like You

To forgive the incessant provocations of daily life - to keep on forgiving the bossy mother-in-law, the bullying husband, the nagging wife, the selfish daughter,...

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4 Reasons You Should Care about Secularization

Secularization is a very important process in our culture that we should seek to understand. Here are four aspects of secularization you need to know....