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6 Ways Jesus Radically Altered Marriage

Jesus' teachings on marriage radically altered its meaning and purpose. His teaching sent shockwaves throughout history. He did this by stepping into a conversation on adultery...

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When You're Weary and Exhausted From Life

Weariness and exhaustion in life are all too common. We go to work day after day, drive forty minutes plus, pick up the kids from...

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Growing Up Christian in Secular America

Christians have yet to fully assess the pressures of growing up in a pluralistic society. 

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7 Things You Need to Know About the Formation of the New Testament

These realities should comfort us, not only in knowing why we have the books in the New Testament that we do, but that our translations and...

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5 Ways God Meets Us When Our Faith Is Weak

When your faith feels small and weak, when you fall into temptation, when you doubt God’s goodness or grace, have patience with God and remember how...

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When Your Christian Liberty Becomes a Sin

How can we know if we've crossed "the line"? Can drinking alcohol or eating meat become wrong before God?

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The Bible Isn't Answering Your Questions

It is common for people today to look for answers to the kinds of questions that we are familiar with. If we are looking for the Bible...

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Why Following Your Heart Can't Make You Happy

We are often told to look into our hearts and to follow our dreams in order to find happiness and peace, meaning and fulfillment. And...

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How to Distinguish the Spirit of God from the Spirit of Antichrist

How can we know if the Spirit of God is present among us? Is the Spirit of Christ present in this Church? When testing the spirits around...

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Everyone Is Worshipping Something

The question isn't whether you are religious or not. The question we need to ask is, what are you worshipping?