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The Place of the Church Among the Poor

Jesus says, “You have the poor with you always” (Mark 14:7). What does Jesus mean? How are we to understand poverty? What are believers’ obligations...

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What Baptism Teaches Us About Guilt, Grace, and Gratitude

It turns out that water—one of earth’s most familiar substances—can be used by God to impress upon his people his amazing plan of salvation.

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10 Benefits of Church Small Groups

Small groups should never supplant the church. But they can provide a setting where the church begins to experience the kind of closeness that will...

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Can I Be Thankful for Church?

Without a habit of verbalizing gratitude, believers can easily develop a critical attitude toward the church. What can we be thankful for? A lot!

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I Don't Love to Pray, But I Want To

The catechism’s two questions introducing the Lord’s Prayer can help breathe life into our sometimes-arid prayer habits.

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3 Ways to Face the Flaws in Your Reformation Heroes

It is impossible to ignore the fact that during the sixteenth century, as in all centuries before and after, religious and irreligious people sometimes resorted...

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How to Become Like Jesus

In one of the most important biblical texts on sanctification, Paul says that growing in godliness takes work...

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How Should I View Others Who Serve the Lord Differently Than I Do?

Anyone who has ever grieved over church divisions, and the role that individuals play in creating and fostering them, has probably asked the question, “How...