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Why You Should Think about Death

Most of us have probably heard the phrase “death rate” more in the past month than at any other point in our lives. In the...

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Help! I’m a Spiritual Fake

Very few people I know are deluded enough to say they never sin. We all know better. We betray even our own sense of right...

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3 Traits of a Biblical Leader

Despite the lingering image of what we might perceive to be effective leadership—stern, heavy-handed, ruthlessly efficient—the Bible teaches us a better way.

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How to Share God’s Love through Hospitality

Hospitality isn’t merely a command. It is also one of the ways that God invites his children to flourish ...

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How to Be Free in Christ

How should Christians properly use Christian liberty? 

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5 Actions of Faithful Evangelists

As a Christian you want other people to get saved. You know that God uses means in the salvation of others and you want God...

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How to Not Have Sex Before Marriage

Single people are uniquely challenged to practice purity as divinely created sexual beings. So how can single Christians practice chastity to God’s glory?​

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What Will Heaven Be Like?

For those who treasure Christ’s promise to prepare a place for believers to dwell with him (John 14:2–3), one of the biggest questions is “what...

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What Should I Do With the Bible’s Teaching on Hell?

With only a few radical exceptions, the church has understood the Bible to teach the reality of a place called hell.​

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Where Will I Go When I Die?

Death doesn’t kill souls, but it does seal their destinies. Both the rich man and Lazarus in Jesus’ parable speak to us.​