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The Blessing of Peacemaking

The world needs peacemakers. Sometimes our cities look like war zones. Even when we aren’t literally on fire, digital media invites the spreading of incendiary words.


You Need More Good News

How much bad news do you need? How much good news? And is there a right mix? More personally, have you found it?


The Grace of Presence

Why do video conferences—even those with the best internet connection—feel lacking despite reasonably approximating a table gathering? Why is texting amazingly helpful and frustratingly unsatisfying?


Psalms for Troubled Times

You and I live in troubled times. Right now our attention is focused on a deadly virus and the accompanying financial instability. But this news has only eclipsed countless stories of violence, political free-for-alls, public moral failures, and general cultural upheaval. We also face more personal crises like friends’ backstabbing and parental breakups. 


Raising Christ-like Children

It is a sobering thought: today’s little children will soon be grown. Before that they will develop patterns that will shape the rest of their lives. 


Why You Should Think about Death

Most of us have probably heard the phrase “death rate” more in the past month than at any other point in our lives. In the midst of a virus pandemic tracking the death rate—how many people infected with the virus actually die—is an important statistic.

Spiritual Growth

Help! I’m a Spiritual Fake

Very few people I know are deluded enough to say they never sin. We all know better. We betray even our own sense of right and wrong often enough to leave us convinced we have a problem.


3 Traits of a Biblical Leader

Despite the lingering image of what we might perceive to be effective leadership—stern, heavy-handed, ruthlessly efficient—the Bible teaches us a better way.


How to Share God’s Love through Hospitality

Hospitality isn’t merely a command. It is also one of the ways that God invites his children to flourish ...


How to Be Free in Christ

How should Christians properly use Christian liberty?