Do All Infants Who Die Go to Heaven?

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Do All Infants Who Die Go to Heaven?

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Do all infants who die go to heaven?

I believe that the scriptures clearly teach that the children of believers belong to the Lord. From Genesis 12 and on, we learn that believers belong to Him, together with their children. That's the phrase you use over and over again together, “with our children,” in the covenant of grace that God made with Abraham. Even in his grief over the loss of his infant son, David was assured that he would see his son one day again: “He won't come to me but I will go to him,” (2 Samuel 12). Since we're still part of that same covenant today as Paul says in Galatians and elsewhere, our children are still included in that covenant. We have no scripture that says, “Oh, now in the New Covenant our children are excluded from the covenant of grace.” Now, just as in the Old Testament, our children must come to profess their own faith in due course. Baptism doesn't save apart from faith any more than circumcision did, but they're treated as the offspring of Abraham, the heirs of the promise who have that precious covenant sealed to them in baptism. — Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. Some believe that if you worship on any other day than Saturday that we will not be holding true to God's commandments. How are we supposed to interpret the Sabbath?

2. I have been asked to consider being an elder in my church. Titus 1:6 lists the qualifications of elders. We have 4 children who all made profession of faith, were baptized and partook of communion, but they are in their early 20s now and sadly only one is following Jesus. Am I disqualified to be an elder?

3. Do all infants who die, or aborted babies, go to heaven?

4. I was baptized as a child and was an atheist for many years and I was wondering if I need to be baptized again?


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