Do My Struggles With Sin Mean I'm Not Really a Christian?

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Do My Struggles With Sin Mean I'm Not Really a Christian?

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God remembers that you're made of dust, and he is compassionate- you're the one who really wants this to go better than it's going and is frustrated with God. You know, we want to go from weak sinner to perfection in one great big leap, so we set goals for ourselves that are ridiculous, and then we get very, very discouraged. I think that understanding God's kindness with our weakness helps us to continue to hang in there when we're not making progress, and to try for small changes that we ought to be celebrating with all our hearts, you know. But when you're trying to do everything in one great big giant step to perfect, nothing else is worth celebrating but perfection, so you're stuck in this world of constant defeat. — Barbara Duguid​

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This episode is an interview with author Barbara Duguid about her book "Extravagant Grace: God's Glory Displayed In Our Weakness." 


Extravagant Grace: God's Glory Displayed In Our Weakness by Barbara Duguid

5 Ways to Kill Sin

4 Things to Remember After You Have Sinned


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