Do We Need Our Parent's Approval to Marry?

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Do We Need Our Parent's Approval to Marry?

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Should two people get married even if their families disagree with the wedding?

If there are religious differences, baseline doctrinal differences (you understand God and His Word differently) have different understandings of the gospel, that's pretty significant. Scripture does tell us not to be unequally yoked; believers and unbelievers, and even professing Christians who have radically different doctrinal views. That's a pretty big deal- you want to be on the same page about those things. But, I'm always amazed when I hear stories where parents may not care about that, and get all worked up over marrying somebody of a different race.... Of course we're commanded in Scripture to honor our parents, and, you know, we never grow out of that command. But, if there's a conflict between what God says and what your parents say, guess who wins that debate? You still respect them as your parents, but you follow God rather than fellow sinners, even ones that you respect. — Michael Horton​​​​​ 

Questions in this Episode

1. Should two people get married even if their families disagree with the wedding?

2. What is your advice to those struggling with depression?

3. Does Romans 11 teach that true Christians can lose their salvation by being cut off?

4. What does it mean to pray without ceasing?


6 Things to Remember For a Successful Marriage

Christian, Your Depression Is Real. So Is God's Deliverance. 

Augustine's Four Rules of Prayer


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