Does a Literal Reading of the Bible Affirm a Flat Earth?

Episode 445 Show Notes 

From the Show

I have known Christians who have become so obsessed with a particular conspiracy theory that they begin to live their lives in fear rather than trusting in Jesus. Instead of going down the rabbit hole of every conspiracy theory, getting lost in the labyrinth, our eyes have to be fixed on Jesus Christ. Are their weird things out there, and people in positions of power who are using their authority to do great evil? Yeah, absolutely and God is going to judge corrupt rulers. But rather than try to figure out every secret society out there and the plots that they have through Twitter, let’s go to where we know God has spoken and where we can be confident, that’s the Scriptures. Now the Scriptures use, and here’s I think a really important word for us to know, it’s a big word, “phenomenological language.” It’s how we see things from our perspective.

—Adriel Sanchez

Questions in this Episode

1. Hi can you guys please explain Matthew 3:15, what was the purpose of Jesus being baptized? 

2. I just heard one of the other questions being asked about conspiracy theories, and it wasn’t really your answer that had me concerned, it was more so the way that, maybe Christians look down on conspiracy theorists? The reason that concerns me is that, through my research in the Bible, I do believe in the flat earth. And the reason I was studying that in the Bible is because I was trying to prove that it wasn’t a flat earth. Now I feel concerned with my belief, I guess, and I was wondering how you felt about that, or how God felt about that, or what else I can do?

3. We are told by Jesus to pray for our enemies, but what does that look like? I'm not sure how not to sound like a Pharisee when praying for someone who has hurt me. If I pray something like, "Please let them see the error of their ways…" then I am saying that I think I am right and they are wrong, but if that weren't the case, then I probably wouldn't be hurt. I'm confused about the practical way to pray for someone who has caused pain, especially if that person refuses to see their responsibility. I appreciate any help you can give.  

4. In Zechariah 14:4, it speaks about the day when the Lord will fight against the nations, and his feet will stand on the Mount of Olives near Jerusalem. It was from the Mount of Olives that Jesus taught about his second coming and the place from which he literally ascended to heaven. In fact, moments after his ascension, angels told the disciples Jesus would return in the same manner they saw him leave. Could these texts together be teaching that the Mount of Olives will be the initial place to where Jesus returns to earth and will touch down? 

5. Is it wrong for a Christian to be cremated? I’m trying to put my affairs in order and wondered about that. 

6. I'm a christian convert from atheism. After my conversion and learning about the faith, something became clearly obvious. Easter is, or should be, a much bigger deal than Christmas. I understand that both his birth and resurrection are important events, but it seems to me that one is clearly above the other. I also understand why the world, even nonbelievers, celebrate Christmas, but why don't Christians and churches put more emphasis on celebrating Easter with at least the same vigor (and budget) that they do around Christmas? 


The Story of Reality: How the World Began, How It Ends, and Everything Important that Happens in Between by Gregory Koukl

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