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Core Christianity: Tough Questions Answered

Doubt and Faith with Special Guest Derek Rishmawy

aired October 9, 2019

Episode 288 Show Notes 

From the Show

There is no escaping in this life, faith, trust. It’s not blind faith, but it’s not the same thing as sight either. There’s no way in this life of saying, “For sure I definitely have seen that this ends this way,” until you die because for now you can see by faith. You can see the Lord, and you can let his light cast a light across the whole of your life and see it in that light and trust that the Lord is good in those things.

—Derek Rishmawy

Questions in this Episode

1. My question is we often sing songs like great is thy faithfulness, praising God for never failing. But how do people know that God hasn’t failed. If people experience difficulties they say, “well Jesus said we would have to endure trials. Shall we accept good from his hand and not evil?” So, God not failing us is pretty bad. How would we know the difference if he was actually failing us?

2. I have heard you guys say that the atonement isn’t divine child abuse. Can you explain how God can be loving and yet sacrifice his son on the cross?


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