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How Can I Teach My Young Children About Christ?

aired March 22, 2019

Episode 145 Show Notes 

How Can I Teach My Young Children About Christ?

From the Show

Should we pray imprecatory psalms?

 The psalmist was not wrong to pray those prayers. The psalmist prayed those prayers under divine inspiration because the judgments that God was sending in those times was a preview of coming attractions, a preview of the Last Judgment. But that judgment isn't here yet. And so in this intermission between Christ's two-comings…This is not the time of judgment. And you think of James and John, the Sons of Thunder. They, with Jesus, preaching the gospel in a Samaritan village, a certain village that did not accept the message they brought, and James and John say to Jesus, “hey, you want us to call a little fire down? A little Sodom and Gomorrah for these folks?” All we read is, “Jesus rebuked them sharply. And they went to another village.” There's a place where I would like to have had a few more verses. I'd like to hear what Jesus said. But it makes the point: this is not the time for us to be Sons of Thunder, going around calling God's judgment down on people. But, as you say, to pray for our enemies. The counsel again and again in the New Testament is to pray, even for our persecutors. — Michael Horton 

Questions in this Episode

1. What is the fear of the Lord?

2. How should I understand the Trinity? Are the three persons really just different ways of talking about the same God?

3. As believers should we practice celebration of life services?

4. Should we pray imprecatory psalms?


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