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How Do I Honor My Father and Mother When They’ve Hurt Me?

host Adriel Sanchez aired March 29, 2021

Episode 672 Show Notes 

From the Show

We should forgive our parents, continue to pursue them, and we should not let our hearts grow cold towards those who have hurt us. And that does not mean that we just endure abuse. That is separate from these types of discussions.

–Adriel Sanchez

How Do I Honor My Father and Mother When They’ve Hurt Me?

Questions in this Episode

  1. 1. Can God promise miracles in exchange for financial donations?

2. What books do you recommend for new believers?

3. How should we understand Leviticus 25 where it speaks about letting the soil rest?

4. I am having a hard time obeying the 5th commandment, because my mother and I have always had a tumultuous relationship. How can I honor her while moving on with my life and removing myself from that pain?

5. What does 1 Corinthians 13:8-10 mean?

6. What should we do when we are reminded of our past sins?

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Core Christianity: Finding Yourself in God’s Story by Michael Horton

The Story of Reality: How the World Began, How It Ends, and Everything Important that Happens in Between by Gregory Koukl

Photo of Adriel Sanchez

Adriel Sanchez

Adriel Sanchez is pastor of North Park Presbyterian Church, a congregation in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). In addition to his pastoral responsibilities, he also serves the broader church as a host on the Core Christianity radio program, a live, daily call-in talk show where he answers listeners' questions about the Bible and the Christian faith. He and his wife Ysabel live in San Diego with their five children.

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