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How Does God’s Sovereignty Work with My Free Will?

aired August 6, 2019

Episode 242 Show Notes 

How Does God's Sovereignty Work with My Free Will?

From the Show

How does God’s sovereignty work with my free will?

We got to stop thinking of God and ourselves as basically two runners in the same lane. God’s in a different arena. We don't bump into God, it's not like a seesaw, where the freer God is, the less free we are. It's not like that at all. The only way we have our freedom in the first place is because in him we live and move and have our freedom. It's only because God has freedom in himself, absolute sovereignty in himself, that we can have, by his good gift, the kind of creaturely freedom that he deemed appropriate for us to have. We have all of the creaturely freedom that God deemed appropriate, and he has all of the creator freedom that is unique to him alone. — Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. The thief on the cross who ended up dying, in Scripture it says that one needs to be baptized in order to be born again. If he was not born of water and Spirit, how would he be saved?

2. Is pluralism a bad thing? I know that some Christians are set on making America a Christian nation, but shouldn’t we want America to be open to all religions, and isn’t this better for the advancement of the gospel if a mission field comes to us?

3. I go to a seminary and we are supposed to celebrate the Sabbath on Saturday. Is that correct? Does it still apply to us or was God just talking to the Israelites the Sabbath that supposed to be on Saturday?

4. There are passages that teach that God is sovereign and others that teach we are responsible and active. My question is, how does God's providence and human responsibility work together in our lives?

5. Can fear of hell be used as a good motivation to holiness or should we only be motivated by grace?







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