How Responsible Are We to Help the Poor?

Episode 165 Show Notes 

How Responsible Are We to Help the Poor?

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How much of a responsibility do we have to help the poor?

Remember, “the poor” is your neighbor, an actual person who is probably right around you every day. Think of ways, ordinary ways, to love and serve them. We’ve so politicized the whole issue today that sometimes we think, “well, I can deflect my personal responsibility today to my being apart of a political movement to end poverty.” No, there's absolutely nothing wrong and everything right about being on the right side of political justice as well, but the most important thing is, what am I doing today to love and serve actual people in my life? When there are systematic evils in a nation, systematic injustices that place some people in the category of marginal and underprivileged, then we have to do everything that we can as fellow citizens, and especially as Christians, to stand up for them and to affirm that we're all made in the image of God and that God has a special concert, yes he does, a special concern for the poor. — Michael Horton 

Questions in this Episode

1. What are the main things of worship and how do we keep those the main focus?

2. How do I stop sinning and completely devote myself to God?

3. In John 4, when Jesus says we will "worship in spirit and truth" does this mean we do not have to go to church anymore?

4. How much of a responsibility do we have to help the poor?

5. Do passages like Jeremiah 15:19 that promise God’s restoration of a people if they repent still apply to the church today?


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