How Should Christians Respect the Governing Authorities?

Episode 164 Show Notes 

How does the Bibles command to, "respect your governing authorities" fit with things like the American Revolution?

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How does being subject to governing authorities line up with the American Revolution?

Some Christians held that, on the basis of Romans 13, it was not only treasonous but rebellious of Christians to cast off British sovereignty, and they made a good argument for that. Other Christians argued that as long as churches didn't decide one way or the other, they could, as citizens in good conscience, rebel against a tyrant. They could do that, not as individuals, you know, vigilantes and freedom fighters, but as a legitimate government under a new constitution, and that's what they did. And so there were also good arguments for that. Here's where I think Christian Liberty comes in and Romans 13 doesn't address what are the conditions for the possibility of a new constitution and revolting against a tyrannical authority. Christians are at liberty to have different views about that, but the point is that the churches are to accept whatever government is placed over the people while always refusing to obey men rather than God. — Michael Horton​​​​​ ​

Questions in this Episode

1. How should the gospel influence the way parents disciple their children?

2. If there is one God, one Jesus, and word, why are there so many religions, so many churches, and so many hypocrites? Why don't we just have church in our home?

3. I have a question about Romans 13. How does being subject to governing authorities line up with the American Revolution?

4. In another episode, you said that there was a problem with Christians today viewing progress in holiness as an individualistic effort. Would you say that holiness is not individual?


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