How Should Christians Respond to The Dark History of the Church?

Episode 495 Show Notes 

From the Show

God condemns the sinful actions of his people. Jesus pointed out the sin and hypocrisy in the religious system that existed in his day. I think what we need to point people to is not the sinful actions of believers, but the God who is sinless. Here is what is beautiful about Jesus: he knows all of those stains and warts better than you do, and he has not abandoned the church. He is continuing to pursue her in love, to cleanse her, to wash her, to call her to faith and repentance. I need that and you need that because all of us are sinful and broken.

–Adriel Sanchez

Questions in this Episode

1. The COVD-19 crisis has touched every aspect of our society, including those in the church. Our church has kept its eyes on the Word and promises of God through this, but there is an attitude with some members that perplexes me. Some people have been openly ribbed for not wanting to shake hands by those who don’t think the virus is very dangerous. Others seem to mock members’ caution and cooperation with civil authorities by staying home and wearing masks, even though we all agree that the Lord is in control. Where is the balance of following our civil authorities’ orders with faith in the Lord? It seems like some Christians think that, since we are people of faith, we should not fear the reality of the danger of the virus at all.

2. How should modern-day Christians respond to those events in the past where people were killed in God’s name, or leaders have used the Word of God to crimes or take advantage of others? Things like the slave trade, the crusades, the Spanish conquistadors in South and Central America. Is murder not the greatest sin? Is this a stain on the image of the church?

3. Why do I find myself constantly asking for the Lord to save me? It is very important to me. I do believe. I believe I’m a sinner, and that Jesus paid for my payment on the cross, a debt I couldn’t pay. I’m just wondering, why am I always looking for that assurance?


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