How Should We Take the Lord’s Supper?

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When we come together as Christians to take the Lord’s Supper, we should ask ourselves, are there divisions in the church? Are there brothers or sisters in the body of Christ that I am not getting along, that I should go to and reconcile with? The Lord’s Supper is the ordinance of our unity; we partake of one bread because we are one body. It doesn’t make sense if we are coming around the table of the Lord and yet we are divided.

——Adriel Sanchez

How Should We Take the Lord’s Supper?

Questions in this Episode

1. I have heard that Paul’s guidelines for taking communion in 1 Corinthians 11 is about the need for brothers and sisters to get-along with each other in the church. After studying the passage, it seems that it is addressing people in Corinth who took all of the communion before everyone was able to receive it. So, is Paul’s warnings mainly about how to get along with our brothers and sisters or is it about not treating certain people in the church with contempt?

2. In Matthew 13, Jesus talks about the Parable of the Sower. He identifies different kinds of soil, and says that the good soil receives the seed of the word of God. How do I know if in my heart that I am counted as “good soil”?

3. Is it wrong to worship alongside someone and have fellowship with them if they deny the deity of Christ?

4. How do I address Christian who believe that we can connect with Muslims and Jews and unite together under God?

5. I was baptized Roman Catholic but recently became a Protestant Christian. Should I get re-baptized, if so, when should I get re-baptized?

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Adriel Sanchez

Adriel Sanchez is pastor of North Park Presbyterian Church, a congregation in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). In addition to his pastoral responsibilities, he also serves the broader church as a host on the Core Christianity radio program, a live, daily call-in talk show where he answers listeners' questions about the Bible and the Christian faith. He and his wife Ysabel live in San Diego with their four children.

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