In the Old Testament Was Jesus the Angel of the Lord?

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I'm single and I'm being pressured to marry, what should I do?

"I think the Roman Catholic Church errs in commanding celibacy and an unmarried priesthood, while Protestant churches sometimes error by at least kind of commanding or at least expecting married ministers. The same is true with the rest of the brothers and sisters, there's a lot of pressure to marry.

So here's what I would say: we should stay with Paul here [in 1 Cor. 7], each has a gift either of singleness or marriage, both are gifts, and go with the one God has given you. And, this is important, realize that God gives us different gifts at different times. Right now, your singleness is a gift. You have incredible opportunities to use that gift for his service, use it for His glory, but be open to him giving you another gift, the gift of marriage down the road as well. No pressure, but be open to it. If he’s given you the gift of celibacy, you can remain unmarried. Live with the gift that you’re given at the time that you’re given it. Don't worry about it. Just be open to the other gifts that God might give you." — Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. In the Old Testament was Jesus the Angel of the Lord?

2. What is the most powerful way God has revealed himself in your life?

3. I'm single and I'm being pressured to marry, what should I do?

4. Is it a scare tactic to warn people to be diligent and grow in holiness before Jesus comes again?

5. How does someone become a great man of God?

6. What does Ecclesiastes 5:19–20 mean when it says, “For he will not much remember the days of his life because God keeps him occupied with joy in his heart”?


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