Is It Hypocritical to Doubt That God Is Real, But Still Go to Church?

Episode 355 Show Notes 

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There is room for doubters around Jesus. I mean, think about the disciples of our Lord while he was on earth. It seems like all of them exhibited doubts on one occasion or another. You can think about Thomas, specifically who, even after everything Jesus had said, still questioned his resurrection.

—Adriel Sanchez

Questions in this Episode

1. This seems like a little thing but in the Lord's prayer it seems that some translations say, "they will be done in earth as it is in heaven," but the most services use the word "on." It seems like a big difference in meaning. 

2. Is it hypocritical to doubt that God is real and still go to church?

3. How do Christians balance stepping in to be a peacemaker, but also not being overly involved in people’s private lives? 

4. In the book of Romans when it says, “no one seeks God,” is the Bible speaking literally? I’ve known a lot of non-believers that have seemed to be seeking the Lord.


A Place for Weakness: Preparing Yourself for Suffering by Michael Horton


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