Is it Possible to Be Married in the Eyes of God, but Not the State?

Episode 265 Show Notes 

Is it Possible to Be Married in the Eyes of God, but Not the State?

From the Show

Premarital sex, called fornication in Scripture, is not genuine love. It doesn’t come with commitment of the whole self to the other. It may come with stirring feeling and emotions, but that’s not love. That is a lie about love. Love is a commitment. If you haven’t made that commitment, then you aren’t entitled to the benefits that say, “you have become one flesh.” Love is saying, “Yes, I will care for you, I will love you. I will serve you for the rest of my life.”

— Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. Did God create Jesus as the first born of all creation? I have a friend who is Jehovah’s witness and believes that God created Jesus.

2. I’m confused about the Lord’s Supper. Does the bread and wine literally become the body and blood of Christ?

3. How does a person know when they have been born again, as in John chapter 3?

4. Is it possible to be married in the eyes of God but not be married in the eyes of the state?


Tim Keller, The Meaning of Marriage


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