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Is the Lord’s Supper the Literal Body and Blood of Christ?

aired October 8, 2019

Episode 287 Show Notes 

From the Show

We are feeding on his body and blood for our salvation. In other words, we are feeding on Christ himself. So, there is a certain sense in which, yes, we are literally feeding on Christ’s body and blood but not crunching him, as it were, with our teeth. Rather, by faith, through the sacrament we are receiving Christ with all of his benefits. His true shed blood, his body broken for us—we are taking and receiving in the Lord’s Supper. It’s a mystery how this happens, but this is what the New Testament tells us happens.

—Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. Why were Jesus’ disciples surprised that he had to die if Isaiah 53 clearly teaches that the Messiah would be a suffering servant?

2. What does it mean to be created in the image of God? A college professor brought this up in a class on Hebrew Bible but didn’t really explain it. He just told us that it had something to do with ancient near eastern kings, but I never heard any of this and was confused and would like to know what you guys think about the image of God in the book of Genesis.

3. In John 6.23 Jesus says that unless we eat his flesh and drink his blood, we have no life. I have a friend who is catholic, and she was telling me that they believe that they literally eat and drink the body and blood of Christ. I have never heard any one deal with this verse before and I would love to hear your perspective.

4. In Matthew 18 Jesus tells us to go through a process of trying to reconcile a relationship. My question is, does a person have to go through this process with someone who has been physically violent in the relationship? Does reconciliation in a physically violent relationships work the same way?

5. Is it a sin to skip church when you don’t feel up to going?


A Better Way: Rediscovering the Drama of God-Centered Worship by Michael Horton

Remembrance, Communion, and Hope: Rediscovering the Gospel at the Lord's Table by J. Todd Billings


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