Is There a Biblical Mandate to Be a Single-Issue Voter?

Episode 560 Show Notes 

From the Show

As a minister of the gospel, I do not have the authority to bind your conscience on an issue that is not taught in the scriptures. I minister the Word of God and God’s word is ultimate, yes. But I don’t have the right to make up rules for other Christians. For example, if I said, “you have to vote for this candidate or you’re not a Christian,” I would be overstepping my ministerial bounds.

—Adriel Sanchez

Questions in this Episode

  1. 1. Can we take communion at home, and are we meant to do this once a week?

2. Is there a biblical mandate to be a single-issue voter? It seems that neither political party cares about all image bearers and we end up having to choose between one or the other.

3. I know I should forgive, but how do I forgive? What is that process like?

4. Based on Matthew 6:15, is the forgiveness of our sins conditional on whether we forgive others?


We Become What We Worship: A Biblical Theology of Idolatry Book by Gregory K. Beale

You Are What You Love: The Spiritual Power of Habit by James K. A. Smith


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