Is There A Time When Christians Should Stop Evangelizing?

Episode 488 Show Notes 

From the Show

It’s really one of the great privileges we have to be able to share the truth of the gospel, and we can’t just do it by living positive lives. That’s not how we share the gospel. We actually have to speak the truth of the gospel to people. Pray that the Lord gives you opportunities, and take advantage of them when you get them, because there is nothing more important than the gospel and embracing the truth of the gospel.

–Adriel Sanchez

Questions in this Episode

1. I have a friend whose grown children show no interest in God, church, the Bible, or prayer. He says that he’s trusting the baptismal covenant that his children will return to the Faith. Is that a correct view of baptism? It almost sounds like baptismal regeneration to me.

2. It seems to me that the law is different from the Gospel because the law is something we do while the Gospel asks nothing from us. But 1 Peter 4:17 speaks of “those who do not obey the gospel of God.” Can you help me distinguish between the law and the Gospel?

3. I’ve recently been studying Genesis 3:16. I know the common interpretation of the verse is that a woman’s desire for their husbands is about wanting to usurp their husband’s authority. Some newer interpretations suggest this view is incorrect and it’s more about the post-fall loss of the unity and harmony that the Lord intended for marriage. Is it right to assume Genesis 3:16 presumes that women just want to usurp authority? I feel like this view has some dangerous implications, particularly in regards to misogyny and abuse, but I want to follow Scripture correctly.

4. I have a question which nags me because I have so many unsaved relatives. How often do I present them with the gospel? They never come to me to ask a question of any kind that might lead to a gospel conversation. I’ve gone to them over the years, they’ve all heard the gospel from me, and I pray for them all the time. It hit me this week that I don’t see Jesus or the apostles running after anybody once they’ve heard the truth and turned away. Is that my example, too?


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