Jesus, Gender, and the Gospel in the Modern World

Episode 502 Show Notes 

From the Show

People who have gender dysphoria are really suffering from something, and it is heartbreaking. We don’t want to minimize that, that there is this struggle, that there are people who feel alienated in their own bodies. And the culture is helping them buy into the lie that the problem is their body. But we recognize as Christians that there is something deeper at work here, that we’re broken.

As Christians, we want to stand for the truth, and part of the way we love people is standing for the truth. People don’t need us to tell them whatever it is they want to hear and believe about themselves. People need us to be honest about the fact that we’re broken in sin and that our only hope–for them, for us, for everybody–is Jesus Christ and him crucified.

–Adriel Sanchez

Questions in this Episode

1. Did Old Testament believers experience the new birth? I mean, were they born again?

2. I’ve dealt with pornography since I was probably 7 years old, and I can’t let it go. I want to. How can I? I’ve gone to God and asked for forgiveness more times than not. I need help. I call myself a Christian, but I can’t get past that, so I can’t move.

3. I’m a high school teacher in Canada, and one of my goals is to treat my students as Jesus would treat them. One of the struggles I face is that I’m receiving some pressure to use gender pronouns that students would prefer. This means that students who identify as transgendered who are born with female anatomy might be asked to be referred to with the pronoun he or him. In the past, I’ve been taught that using pronouns that deviate from a male and female identity will ruin my Christian witness. How can I respond in a godly way to this issue, while still treating my students with love and respect? Do you have any advice for me?


4 Things to Remember After You Have Sinned by Adriel Sanchez

What Gender Problems Reveal About Our Hearts by Michael Horton

What Caitlyn Jenner Reveals About American Religions by Michael Horton


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