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My Spouse Loves Jesus but Is Also into Conspiracy Theories. What Should I Do?

host Adriel Sanchez aired January 27, 2022

Episode 890 Show Notes 

From the Show

What you find on social media is often in irreverent babble that leads people away from the Fear of the Lord and into fear of one another.

Adriel Sanchez

My Spouse Loves Jesus but Is Also into Conspiracy Theories. What Should I Do?

Questions in this Episode

  1. Do our spirits go to heaven when we die, or do they fall asleep?
  2. My wife is involved with conspiracy theories. Should I be concerned about this? I am praying about it every day. It has been going on for a year now and it is all she wants to look at on Facebook. I am not sure if it is harmful but it is disturbing me. What should I do?
  3. Should Christians try to keep the Sabbath or has that law completely been fulfilled?
  4. Why did the apostles baptize only in the name of Jesus instead of the trinity?
  5. Does Matthew 5:13 teach that Christians can lose their salvation?

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Recovering Our Sanity: How the Fear of God Conquers the Fears that Divide Us by Michael Horton

Core Question – Can I Lose My Salvation?

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Adriel Sanchez

Adriel Sanchez is pastor of North Park Presbyterian Church, a congregation in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). In addition to his pastoral responsibilities, he also serves the broader church as a host on the Core Christianity radio program, a live, daily call-in talk show where he answers listeners' questions about the Bible and the Christian faith. He and his wife Ysabel live in San Diego with their five children.

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