Should Christians Engage in Politics?

Episode 144 Show Notes 

Should Christians Engage in Politics?

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What is the extent of a Christians involvement in Politics?

There's nothing that the state is entrusted with the sword for that is more important than protecting human life…Abortion, as an example here, is clearly the taking of a human life. The Word of God speaks to that, and it speaks to any infringement upon the life of human beings. Abortion being an obvious example, but there are other obvious examples. So, we need to be very clear that the government has that authority from God to protect human life, and yet realize that that is not the gospel. It is not the use of the law that drives us to despair of our righteousness so that we will flee to Christ, or the use of the law that guides Christians in the way they should go, nor is it redemptive, it is not a saving involvement. When we're engaged in politics, we're loving and serving our neighbors. We're not saving anyone from their sins. We're not seeking to impose on the world commands that Christ has specifically given to his church. We're not looking for the government, at all, to support the work of the church. — Michael Horton 

Questions in this Episode

1. How should we understand Jesus’ temptation if he was incapable of sin?

2. When a Christian dies, does he go to heaven or paradise?

3. What is the extent of a Christians involvement in Politics? Are there lines that should not be crossed?

4. How do you think we can get back our love for God the way we used to have it even as we go through this challenging stage of life?


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